Declarative Dynamic Extensions to HTML

What is it ?

DDE is a set of extensions (dde-version) for HTML.

Each extension (dde-unit) is intended to enhance the behavior of HTML documents declaratively without requiring a line of code (abstractly any language, typically JS).

The goal of DDE modes is not to discourage the use of JavaScript but to improve the experience for those who do not use it.

The implementation of a DDE version can be embedded (e.g., by a JS script on a page) or native (provided directly by the browser or a web extension).

Read the abstract document dde-version 0.1 (in english) dde-version 0.1 (in french).

And feel free to try the experimental implementation


Current Implementation(s)

TODO - publish the web extension and the embedded version (work in progress)



Similar Projects

Z framework, Turbo Frames, Turbo Streams, intercoolerjs, HTMX, Unpoly, others?...


This document, "abstract dde-version 0.1*", as well as the dde-units described in it, are under the MIT license

MIT License